Planning efficiency in a new dimension. With PlanB.

PlanB – the planning and optimization tool for transport companies and transport associations. Fast, flexible and resource saving.

PlanB is suitable for transport companies of all sizes and for any IT infrastructure. Now you can handle your driving, rotation and duty planning even more efficiently.

Experience planning efficiency in a new dimension. With PlanB.

  • Fewer vehicle kilometers
  • Optimum cycle times
  • Improved coordination

Complex relationships fully under control.
Your benefits with PlanB:

  • Optimal use of vehicles and resources
  • Attractive timetable design
  • Legally compliant consideration of working and driving time regulations as well as collective tariff bzw. “wage” agreements
  • Offers the option to integrate functions for scheduling and planning optimization and modular additions to the information or control system

Even more efficient tendering

Even your tender calculations can be rapidly processed with minimal effort. PlanB quickly delivers precise solutions and robust data.

Reduce your costs through simple and efficient planning. With PlanB.